New single -RISE – out April 27th!!!

Rise - Heartbeat Band-cover

our new single – RISE – out april 27th

We’re about to release some new music!!! We are so very happy to give you a little glimpse into what will become our next album. We like “Rise” very much, it’s somewhat of a favorite already…!

Rise is the bittersweet theme song for spring 2018. Rise is a song about the impact seasons have on us and on our relationships.

Pills – EP – released today

We escaped to a studio far up north in Umeå, Sweden, for an intense and highly creative period recording the Pills EP in peace and quiet. The outcome is thoughtful, emotional, peaceful, intimate yet grand. Huge thanks to everybody involved in the making of this recording.

Produced and mixed by Markus Sjöberg, Sthlm Songs. Recorded by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Recording. Additional recording by Marcus Sjöberg and Petter Näse. Artwork by Ulrika Öhman. Mastering by Eric Broyhill. Released November 18th, 2016, by Sthlm Songs.

New gigs added!

New gigs added in the gigs section. We will be opening for Weeping Willows at Ritz in Vaasa on November 9th! We are longtime fans of their craft and are sincerely looking forward to this special night.


Weeping Willows

The Heartbeat Band will perform live at On The Rocks in Helsinki on October 27th. Club premiere for us in Helsinki.

Photo by Malin Åbrandt

Photo by Malin Åbrandt


Pills – our new single!


Written by Marcus Granfors. Produced and mixed by Markus Sjöberg at Sthlm Songs. Recorded by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik Recording. Additional recording by Marcus Sjöberg. Artwork by Ulrika Öhman.

Pills” is the first single from the follow-up album to The Heartbeat Band’s debut album ”Sailor Heart” (2014). In “Pills”, the band’s songwriter Marcus Granfors deals with the fact that, in today’s society, we feel worse day by day while we all really strive to feel loved and valuable.

Burned-out and lonely people choose the easy way out either to make it through the day or to end it, while sincere relationships might be the only thing that really helps. Only true love makes us do the good and bad things we never thought we could.

New single, PILLS, out May 27th!

Pills-spotify kopia


Pills, our new single, out may 27th

We are looking forward to releasing this gem, very proud of this one. In just a week from now, on Friday May 27th “Pills” will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, eMusic, Deezer, Rhapsody etc.

“You thought that pills they could save you, only true love will. You thought that pills they could kill you, only true love will.”

Music and lyrics by Marcus Granfors. Produced and mixed by Markus Sjöberg at Sthlm Songs, recorded by Pelle Henricsson at Tonteknik. Mastered by Eric Broyhill at MonsterLab Audio. Additional recording by Markus Sjöberg. Artwork by Ulrika Öhman.

Vocals: Felicia Eriksson, Marcus Granfors

Guitars: Petter Näse, Marcus Granfors

Piano & organ: Kalle Katz

Bass: Eero Paalanen

Drums & percussion: Tuukka Aitoaho


Streamingly good news and a tiny bit of studio gossip

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AND: we’re in the middle of songwriting for our next album. We’ve got some really good stuff going on and are going into the studio early next year…

//Peace, Love And Streaming